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Musashiurawa station East exit 1min / 4 parking / Free Assessment / No-load

Special service

special service for interest

special service for interest

special service for interest we offer the special interest service which other store don't do.

we offer half price of interest in case you get out of pawn within 1 month.


you put a watch in pawn on 10th of January

In case you get it out of pawn, principal payment ¥10000+ interest ¥250= total payment ¥10250
(Originally you supposed to pay 5% interest on capital ¥500, but it will be ¥250 on our half price interest service.


The term of half interest service is by 10th of February. When you get item out of pawn on 11th of February, the interest will be ¥1000 as 2 month rate as usual. Please be careful the date.